If those who visit us are our best ambassadors...how are we not going to make them continue to feel at home?

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FeelFree. Holidays start here.

Each year, San Sebastian is one of Europe´s best rated cities by travellers from around the world.

Therefore, it is common to find messages from travellers praising our city on social networks or to read in the press that an international artist has said that San Sebastian is the best city in the world. Because #SanSebastianCharacterAroundTheWorld is about that. It is about praising our city to the skies even if you were born in Boston or Stuttgart.

Being good hosts is the key.

It is not a coincidence that travel sites are full of positive comments about our city. The people of San Sebastian are great hosts. The fact is that when a friend visits, we pull out all the stops to ensure that they leave with the best memories of our city.

Everyone does it in their own way. Some do not hesitate to show off society. Others explore the nightspots or parks in their neighbourhood, showing the less well-known side of San Sebastian. Our way, the FeelFree rentals way, is to provide male and female travellers from all over the world with special homes that make them feel like they are just another San Sebastian local.

Win a free stay in San Sebastian for whoever you want.

For that old friend, a distant relative, that customer.... who fell in love with San Sebastian one day and wants to return. At FeelFree we want to give you the chance to win a stay worth €1000 at one of our homes, so that you can award the person who continues to spread #SanSebastianCharacterAroundTheWorld

You simply need to help us share #SanSebastianCharacterAroundTheWorld on Facebook or Twitter.

At FeelFree we are committed to a new way of travelling. Or perhaps not so new. When we travel we like to experience the cities that we visit by mixing with their people. With their essence. We like to discover the must-visit spots and also get lost in the less well-known places. And to achieve that, staying in the homes of people from the area, is a good starting point.

It is the raison d'être of FeelFree. An agency that provides those who visit us with the best homes in San Sebastian. Special homes with a unique personality and perfectly located in order to head out and explore our city.

What is a FeelFree home like?

Responsibility towards the community

In addition to complying with tourism legislation, we provide residents with a 24/7 contact number so that they can notify us in the event of an incident.

Meticulous design

Meticulous and functional design is one of our hallmarks. Because a good decision is crucial to ensure that our clients feel at home.

Good location

A good location in order to conveniently discover our city is essential. From here you can discover San Sebastian on foot or bicycle.

At FeelFree we do not own homes, rather, we manage the homes of owners who want to rent them out to travellers.

Do you want your home to be a part of FeelFree?

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